Get To Know What Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat Offer

The international school has recently taken a lot of public attention. Including in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Among those schools, one of them is Global Sevilla that bravely states they offer a high standard of education. Then, what does Global Sevilla offer as one of the best international school Jakarta Barat? Here is some information that you should know.

Here Are What You Can Get From Global Sevilla

global sevilla

  1. International Grade Curricula

One thing that made Global Sevilla stands out is the curricula and the academic levels. This school offers three different academic levels with its global curricula. Students can start their education years from the kindergarten school, which are for the younger students. In here, pupils will learn using IEYC as the curriculum to offer interesting, purposeful, and fun activities.

The next one is the primary school that uses two different curricula. It uses Cambridge primary which focuses on English, math, and science. The primary school also uses IPC as the second curriculum that stands for the international primary curriculum. To a higher degree, this International school employs Cambridge IGCSE and national curriculum standards.

  1. International Standard Facilities

To support all the activities, the Global Sevilla offers international school Jakarta Barat standard amenities. The pupils have access to various facilities that can be used for academic, non-academic, or out of course activities. Here, the school offers laboratories, a library, sports facilities (indoor or outdoor), bright and spacious room, plus the lush greenery garden with wide-open areas.

  1. International Minded Education

To focus and prepare the students for the international grade, the school use languages, standards, and approaches. The student will converse and use English as the main language. At the same time, the school uses the idea of balanced education which underline the need of non-academic achievements (characteristic) through mindfulness-based and character development methods.

  1. Extracurricular Activity Options

The academic outcome is not the only matter in this school. By using mindfulness and character development, the student will undergo more activities to support their interest. Thus, Global Sevilla offers tons of extracurricular options for students in this international school Jakarta Barat. The school also provides an environment, facilities, or external providers when needed.

The four points explained are just the surface of the overall primacies of Global Sevilla. The school uses international curricula, it also employs global standard facilities, mindset, and curriculum activities. Thus, it provides a vast grasp of international education for Indonesian students, making it one of the best international schools that you can find in Jakarta.

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